Óscar Salas Moya, Bolivian politician and trade unionist, Died at 80


Óscar Salas Moya was born on August 5, 1936, in Oruro and died on February 23, 2017.
He was a Bolivian politician and trade unionist.
Professionally he was trained as a miner, he was a key leader of the Communist Party of Bolivia and a leader of the Huanuni miners union.
In politics, he had reached out to a younger generation in the party leadership, was strengthened in 1964, after the party had been deserted by Pimentel and Escóbar.
He became a parliamentarian in 1979 and 1980-1985.
During 1985, he was the vice-presidential candidate of the United People’s Front (whose presidential candidate was Antonio Araníbar Quiroga), nonetheless, the Araníbar-Salas candidature obtained 38,124 votes (2.84% of the national vote).
Óscar Salas Moya passed away at 80 years old.