Núria Pompeia, Spanish cartoonist and feminist activist, Died at 85

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Núria Vilaplana i Buixons was born in 1931, and died on December 25, 2016.

She was better known as Núria Pompeia.

She was a Spanish cartoonist, graphic humorist, journalist, in Catalan and Castilian languages, and a Catalan writer in Catalan.

Pompeia was born and raised in Dreta de l’Eixample neighborhood, she studied art at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona.

Pompeia first published her first cartoons in Oriflama in 1969.

Pompeia’s drawings often denote social class, the bourgeoisie, or criticism of the sexism.

In the more lenient humor magazines, Pompeia also depicts censorship in a comic manner.

She has published novels and short stories and has worked in journalism.

Pompeia died in Barcelona.

Núria Pompeia passed away at 85 years old.