Nina Dorda, Russian singer, Died at 91


Nina Ilinichna Dorda was born on August 27, 1924, in Moscow, USSR and died on February 26, 2016, Moscow.

She was a Soviet pop singer, soprano.

She was the honored Artist of Russia (1995).

Nina became a soloist-vocalist with the Union concert tours Association (VGKO), in 1946.

In 1954 till 1959, She acted in a jazz orchestra of Eddie Rosner and, thanks to its extensive and colorful tour program, was gaining prominence in the country.

In 1960, Nina formed together with her husband and a new orchestra for two decades, serves him a soloist.

Nina was a soloist of the Moscow music hall, during that period, which has toured North and South America, in Japan (1969-1970).

Reported by the post-Soviet criticism, Nina Dorda established herself as a genre singer.

Her image of a modern girl, her songs sounded sincerely, fervently, sly, sad, they were a simple and close, understandable to everyone sitting in the hall, ringtones were available and quickly picked up by the public.

She can be remembered as the prototype of the singer Vera Gorda, the heroine of the novel by Vasily Aksyonov Moscow Saga, for which in 2004 was filmed eponymous TV series, where the role Gorda sang Kristina Orbakaite.

She resided in Moscow.

Nina Dorda passed away at 91 yrs old.