Nina Arkhipova, Russian film and stage actress, Died at 94


Nina Nikolayevna Arkhipova was born on May 1, 1921, in Omsk and died on April 24, 2016.

She was a Soviet and Russian film and stage actress.

Nina was a People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1988).

Her family subsequently moved to Moscow.

Nina’s parents were Nikolai Matveyevich Arkhipov, a Siberian native of Irkutsk, and Maria Nikolaevna from St. Petersburg, who was shot when Nina was ten years old.

When she was a child, Nina Arkhipova loved to sing, dance, and play the piano.

Whilst living in Zamoskvorechye, she frequented the theater and started to think about the acting profession.

When she finish high school, decided to apply not only in the studio theater, at the Vakhtangov and the Maly Theater and Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, but the law faculty of Moscow State University.

Arkhipova passed exams and was accepted everywhere; She decided to stop the choice on the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute at the Vakhtangov Theater. Her teacher was the famous Cecilia Mansurova.

Nina graduated from drama school, in 1945.

Nina Arkhipova worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre, From 1943 to 1951,the stage is still a student she performed a number of roles.

From 1951 till 2016, Nina Arkhipova was a leading actress of the Moscow Satire Theatre, over the years, Nina performed over 100 roles.

The movie was shot infrequently performed the role of soft, good women.

In 1946, She made her debut in the drama Aleksandr Stolper Our heart.

Nina played Faith peas in the tale of Boris Barnet Generous summer, four years later.

This role was considered one of the most important in his career.

That role became internationally known with the release in theaters teleplay Awake and Sing!

The actress published a book, in 2014, Life in the given circumstances.

Nina Arkhipova passed away ay 94 yrs old.