Nigerian lawyer, Idris Legbo Kutigi, Died at 78


Idris Legbo Kutigi was born on December 31, 1939, in Kutigi, North-Western State and died on October 21, 2018.

He was a Nigerian lawyer and judge.

Kutigi served as an Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Niger State before becoming a high court judge.

He entered the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1992 and served as Chief Justice from 30 January 2007 until 30 December 2009.

He attended elementary school in that town and middle and secondary school in Bida.

Then, Idris Legbo Kutigi when into Government College (now known as Barewa College), and then to Ahmadu Bello University (both in Zaria, Kaduna State).

Kutigi left the country for England, where he studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and Gibson and Weldon, before returning to attend the Nigerian Law School in Lagos, Lagos State.

He had 18 children and more than 40 grandchildren.

He passed away at a London hospital, following a short period of illness.

He died at 78 years old.


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