Nida Fazli, Indian poet, Died at 78

Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli known as Nida Fazli ندا فاضلی ‎ was born on October 12, 1938, in Delhi, India and died on February 8, 2016, in Mumbai.

He was an Indian Hindi and Urdu poet.

Nida Fazli was born in Delhi, India into a Kashmiri family and attended school in Gwalior.

Nida Fazli father was an Urdu poet.

Following the separation of India, his parents migrated to Pakistan, but Fazli decided to stay in India.

While still young, he was passing by a Hindu temple where a bhajan singer was singing a composition of Surdas about Radha sharing her sorrow with her maids at being separated from her beloved Krishna.

The poetic vision of the Pad, relating to the close rapport and bonding among human beings, inspired Nida to begin writing poems.

During that season, Nida Fazli felt that there were limitations in Urdu poetry.

He had grasped the essence of Mir and Ghalib to express what he intended.

Nida Fazli was influenced by the lyrical mood of Meera and Kabir and widened his knowledge of poetry by studying T.S. Eliot, Gogol, Anton Chekhov and Takasaki.

He has written essays critical of contemporary poets of the sixties in his book Mulaqatein which outraged poets, including Sahir Ludhianvi, Ali Sardar Jafri and Kaifi Azmi.

However, Nida was boycotted in some poetic sessions.

Fazli recently wrote columns for the BBC Hindi website on various contemporary issues and literature.

Nida Fazli passed away at 78 yrs old.