Narain Kataria, Human rights activist, Died at 85

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Narain Kataria was born on February 15, 1930 in Sukkur, and died November 3, 2015.

He was an Indian-American Hindu human rights activist.

Narain Kataria was also the President and founder of the “Indian American Intellectuals Forum.

He’s the Recongised President and founder of the “Indian American Intellectuals Forum (

Narain believed in what he stands for, he was relentless in his work and organisation skills which lead him to other projects such as; Hindu Unity Day.

He was responsible for kick starting Justice For Hindus (JFH) with his labyrinth of contacts and his field tested knowledge and advice, there was no measurement to his talent.

He was responsible for the publicized and popularized of the JFH’s first events among NYC’s political Hindu network and published them in his tabloids.

The freedom fighter was fearless, the pioneer of Hindu political activism in America, anybody that was an activist heard of him.

Narain Kataria Passed away at age 85 on November 3, 2015 leaving his wife behind.