Mr. Pogo, Japanese professional wrestler, Died at 66


Tetsuo Sekigawawas born on February 5, 1951 and died on June 23, 2017.

He was a Japanese professional wrestler.

Sekigawa was best known for his work under the ring name Mr. Pogo (ミスター・ポーゴ Misutā Pōgo).

Sekigawa helped popularize hardcore wrestling in the 1990s with “death matches” in promotions such as Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, W*ING and Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

During 2003, Sekigawa had ran for a Senate seat in his hometown, but was defeated in the polls.

He was rushed to a hospital in February 2007 with a bleeding gastric ulcer and spent three weeks there.

He died in a Gunma, Japan hospital from a cerebral infarction during back surgery.

The news was reported that while performing general anesthesia to perform the surgery, Sekigawa’s blood pressure decreased due to arrhythmia and succumbed to cerebral infarction.

Tetsuo Sekigawawas passed away at 66 years old.