Molly Turner, American news anchor, Died at 93


Molly Turner was born in 1923, and died on July 21, 2016.

She was an American television news anchor and Emmy Award-winning television reporter in Florida.

In 1951, her television career started , when her mother encouraged her to audition for a Saturday morning show on Florida’s WTVJ Channel 4.

She was given the comedic role of country music singer Cousin Effie in the station’s “Uncle Martin Show”.

Later, Molly went on to producing, working on both commercials and a three-hour morning show.

During 1960 Tuner became the midday anchor at the station.

During 1969 the channel was bought by Post-Newsweek and the focus of its broadcasting shifted to hard news. Turner became a television reporter, the first woman to hold such a position in South Florida.

As of 1974, Tuner started to specialize in consumer reporting.

Over the period of her working life, Molly Turner contributed to community organisations and projects; in the late 1980s she served on the Women’s Park Founders’ Committee, which established Women’s Park in Miami-Dade County.

During 1988 Tuner retired from news reporting.

Molly Turner passed away at 93 years old.