Mitch Owens, Canadian politician, Died at 95


Mitchell George “Mitch” Owens was born on March 25, 1921, in Manitoba and died on November 17, 2016.
He was a city councillor and interim mayor of Gloucester, Ontario, Canada.
Mitch joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1942.
However, two years later, he served on the St. Roch, during a part of its historic voyage through the Northwest Passage.
Following his time working in the Arctic and in London, he moved to the Ottawa region in 1953, and settled in the rural area south of the city.
He retired from the RCMP in 1963 as a Corporal.
Owens went into business as the owner of a trailer park.
Owens was elected to council in 1966, and served four years as deputy reeve.
During 1980 he ran for a seat on the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, but lost by six votes.
He was appointed mayor in July 1984 following mayor Fred Barrett death in office.
Mitch Owens was challenged in the 1985 elections by aldermen Harry Allen and Royal Galipeau,with Allen emerging victorious by just over a thousand votes.
During 1988 Mitch returned to council, defeating Harold Keenan.
And the Gloucester city council voted in 1990 to rename Regional Road 8, where Owens lived, to Mitch Owens Road, after residents along the lengthy street signed a petition to have it renamed.
He had retired from politics prior to the 1991 elections at age 70.
During 1949, Owens married Stella Futa.
Mitch Owens passed away at 95 years old.