Mishaal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi prince, Dead

Mishaal bin Abdulaziz was born in 1926, and died on February 29, 2016.

He was chairman of the Allegiance Council and a senior member of the House of Saud.

Mishaal bin held different cabinet posts in the 1950s.

The Prince served as the minister of defense from 12 May 1951 to 1953.

Mishaal replaced his full brother Prince Mansour as the minister of defense when he died of alcohol poisoning after a party hosted by then-Riyadh governor Nasser bin Abdulaziz in 1951.

To that date, Mishaal served as the deputy minister of defense.

After becoming the minister, his full younger brother Prince Mutaib was appointed his deputy.

Whilst he was the minister of defense, the prince became one of the most affluent princes in the Al Saud.

The prince bought state land for very cheap prices and yielded extraordinary profits.

Mishaal bin Abdulaziz was rushed to hospital in Geneva, apparently having suffered a stroke, in October 2009.

Following that he returned to Saudi Arabia from unspecified medical treatment in Beirut in December 2009.

Mishaal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud passed away in 2016.