Miguel Romero Esteo


Spanish writer and playwright Miguel Romero García, better known as Miguel Romero Esteo was born in 1930, in Montoro, Córdoba and died on November 29, 2018.

Esteo work was a part of the so-called Spanish post-war theatre.

In his childhood, he graduates in Madrid in Journalism and Political Science, and he thinks about other college considers in Philosophy, Theology and Economics.

Additionally, Esteo thinks about piano, organ and creation, learning which he communicates in the musicality of his writings.

Esteo began his abstract vocation in 1963, by composing verse, novel and plays which were efficiently disallowed by control.

Because of his grotescomaquias amid the times of 1970s, and dependably in the field of cutting-edge theater, Romero Esteo is considered as an unpredictable and enfant horrible because of the embarrassments caused by his works.

Alongside Antonio Martínez Ballesteros, Esteo designed the Young age dramatization of the dissent theater and basic to the political framework, inside the supposed New Spanish Theater.

His second project, Pontifical, which he sent to the New Theater Festival of Sitges, in 1966, which caused a warmed battle in the jury among the locals to the Francoist routine and neoliberals.

This 450-page grotescomaquia would overstep all the time limits of a play with a lenght of eight hours.

This prompt denial by oversight helped Pontifical to covertly move around among understudies in copy duplicates and to become a symbol of the oppressed protest theatre.

On October 20, 2008, he would accomplish the Spanish National Prize for Dramatic Literature, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture for his work Pontifical, forty-two years in the wake of sending it to that New Theater Festival in 1966.

He developed the sensational kind, yet in addition, he frequently moved toward the exposition and all the more at times to verse and novels.

Miguel Romero Esteo passed away at 88 years old.


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