Mieczyslaw Malinski, Polish theologian, Died at 93


Monsignor Mieczeslaw Malinski was born on October 31, 1923, in Krakow, Poland and died on January 15, 2017.

He was a Polish Roman Catholic priest, theologian, and writer.

He studied for the priesthood alongside the future Pope John Paul II, whose close friend he is said to have been.

He studied theology at the Jagellonian University and he was ordained on 24 July 1949.

Mieczyslaw Malinski also completed further studies in Rome, Munich and Münster, producing a successful doctoral thesis on the concept of transcendence in the philosophy of Gabriel Marcel.

He was chaplain to the University of Krakow.

Malinski has also written extensively, authoring well in excess of one hundred published works, several of which are devoted to John Paul II.

Malinski also maintains his own website.

Mieczyslaw Malinski’s published works notably include Our Daily Bread, a collection of short spiritual texts and a biography of Pope John Paul II, Pope John Paul II: The Life of My Friend.

During May 2009, Malinski was accused of having informed upon Pope John Paul II to the Polish authorities during the communist regime.

However, the accusations had been denied by Malinski.

Mieczyslaw Malinski passed away at 93 years old.