Massimo Felisatti, Italian author and screenwriter, Died at 84

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Massimo Felisatti was born on May 12, 1932, in Ferrara and died on September 7, 2016.
He was an Italian novelist, essayist, screenwriter, and director.
He graduated in Modern Letters, and then he started collaborating with some local newspapers, also directing the cultural magazine Ferrara.
In 1966 he moved to Rome, where he first worked as translator and essayist.
During the 1970s he started a proficuous collaboration with the writer Fabio Pittorru, debuting with the successful giallo novel Violenza a Roma, and writing screenplays for numerous films and for the crime TV-series Qui squadra mobile.
He was also active as a film director, co-directing with Sergio Grieco the poliziottesco Terror in Rome (1976) and a segment of the anthology film Un altro mondo รจ possibile (2001).
Massimo Felisatti passed away at 84 years old.