Martin Szipál, Hungarian photographer, Died at 91


Martin Szipál/Márton Szipál was born on May 6, 1924, and died on April 26, 2016.

He was a Hungarian-American photographer.

He was notable for his portrait photography of movie stars and celebrities.

Martin Szipál taught photography in Munich, Szipál qualified in 1942.

Szipal took part in World War II as a combat pilot of the Royal Hungarian Air Force, later fell into Soviet captivity.

When the war was over, Martin established his first photographic studio in Debrecen in 1946.

Then, Szipal joined the Photographer Cooperative of Budapest in 1953.

In 1954, Martin was a founding member of the Artistic Photographers’ Association of Debrecen.

In the time of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Szipál fled the country, settling and working in the United States.

Martin submitted his photographs to various newspapers and exhibitions as a freelance contributor.

Following the opening a studio in Hollywood, Szipál began to photograph such celebrities as John Wayne, Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Nielsen, Tracy Nelson, Charlene Tilton, Margaux Hemingway, Timothy Hutton, Priscilla Presley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Szipal also became a frequent contributor to magazines and periodicals, providing magazine cover portraits of some of the most popular stars.

He returned to Hungary in 1997, where he worked for newspapers and taught in several photographer schools.

Martin Szipál passed away at 91 yrs old.