Marko Veselica, Croatian politician and economist, Died at 81


Marko Veselica was born on January 9, 1936, and died on February 17, 2017, in Zagreb.
He was a Croatian politician and university professor.
During the Croatian Spring, Marko Veselica developed a reputation of being a Croatian nationalist.
He was close to Ivan Milas.
Marko Veselica was prominent Croatian dissident his Croatian nationalist views brought him into conflict with the Communist authorities of Yugoslavia.
Veselica was arrested on suspicion of “antistate activities”, in 1981, charged with spreading hostile propaganda in interviews with Western news organizations and maintaining contacts with emigre groups, and after a seven-day trial sentenced by a Zagreb court to 11 years imprisonment.
Veselica was an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, in 1983.
Veselica became a leader of the newly formed Croatian Democratic Party (HDS), in 1990.
After the merger of the HDS and the Croatian Christian Democratic Party (HKDS), Marko Veselica became chairman (1992–2001) of the Croatian Christian Democratic Union HKDU.
Marko died at morning in Fran Mihaljević hospital in Zagreb.
Marko Veselica passed away at 81 years old.