Marion Pritchard, Dutch-born American social worker, Died at 96

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Marion Pritchard, born Marion van Binsbergen was born on November 7, 1920 in Amsterdam, and died on December 11, 2016.

She was a Dutch-American social worker and psychoanalyst.

She distinguished herself as a savior of Jews in the Netherlands during the Second World War.

She helped save 150 Dutch Jews, most of them children, throughout the German Occupation.

Also to protecting these people’s lives, Pritchard was imprisoned by Nazis, worked in collaboration with the Dutch resistance, and shot and killed a Dutch Nazi.

He grew up in the Netherlands, the daughter of a liberal judge.

She met and married her husband, Tony, who had served in the US Army in the European Theatre, Marion moved to the United States and raised three sons.

Marion Pritchard worked as a child psychoanalyst and social worker and spent many years in rural small town Vermont.

Marion Pritchard passed away at 96 years old.