María Luisa Alcalá, Mexican actress, Died at 72


María Luisa Alcalá/ Ma. Luisa Alcalá was born on March 26, 1943, and died on February 21, 2016.

She was a Mexican actress and director.

María Luisa Alcalá became known as Malicha playing in El Chavo del Ocho, this particular character appeared in 1974 as a kind of replacement Chilindrina, played by Maria Antonieta de las Nieves while she was away for a year of the program.

María Luisa Alcalá continued with a successful career as a comedian participating in programs such as El Chapulin Colorado and Cachun Cachun ra ra! and Dr. Candido Perez.

She had made outstanding performances in telenovelas like Esmeralda, The usurper, and privilege of loving.

One of her last job she serves as host of two virtual stations in Mexico, working in Radio Hits Mix with its “Mix stories of Grandma” and with its “Tell me a story” productions Jan Carlos Aguilar, producer and manager of Maria Luisa Alcala, where he has interviewed stars such as: Eugenia Leon, Julio Vega, Lady sensation, Beatriz Moreno, Gabriela Fernandez, Evangelina Martinez, Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Polo Ortin among others.

María Luisa Alcalá built a work with Evangelina Martinez called “Tell me a story by Red Rice” on tour throughout Mexico.

She directed the flim ‘Investigador privado, muy privado, Violación and La Alacrana.

Also famous for the roles of Socorrito in Esmeralda, Filomena in La usurpadora and Malicha in El Chavo.

Maria also played Claudia the maid in the sitcom Dr. Cándido Pérez.

María Luisa Alcalá passed away at 72 yrs.