Maria Lúcia Prandi, Brazilian congresswoman, Died at 70

Maria Lúcia Prandi was born on November 29, 1944, in Potirendaba, Brazil, and died on October 7, 2015.

She was a Brazilian academic and politician.

She earned a master’s degree in social sciences, from the PUC-SP.

Prandi has worked as a history professor and was also the adviser of the APEOESP (Association of Official Education Teachers of the State of São Paulo).

In 1992, Prandi was elected councilor by the Workers’ Party.

Maria was the first woman to chair the Municipality of Santos.

After two years, she was elected state representative.

Maria has also served as Secretary of Education in the management of Telma de Souza.

In 1998, 2002 and 2006.she was re-elected as the state representative.

Maria was responsible for the fight towards the installation of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) of the Port of Santos.

Minister Maria Lúcia Prandi worked on the implementation of a technological park in the city, for the implementation of a light rail in the Baixada Santista, and combating violence against women.

She was also coordinated the Parliamentary Front for Healthy Aging.

Maria Lúcia Prandi passed away at 70 yrs old due to cancer in São Paulo.