Maria Costa, Italian poet, Died at 89


Maria Costa was born on December 15, 1926, and died on September 7, 2016.

She was an Italian poet.

She lived all her life in the neighbourhood of Case Basse (Deep Houses) in Paradiso (Paradise, a village of fishermen near Messina).

Her style of writing her poems, most of which are written in the Messinese dialect, she defended the cultural heritage of a town which was destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake in 1908.

Maria Costa’s verses are gathered in different volumes, such as Farfalle Serali (Evening butterflies) (1978), Mosaico (Mosaic) (1980), ‘A prova ‘ill’ovu (The egg examination) (1989) and Cavaddu ‘i coppi (Cups Horse) (1993).

Many media and Italian and foreign televisions have interviewed her and she was dedicated many thesis developed in the Universities of Messina, Palermo, Udine, Catania and Siena.

Additionally, the figure of Maria Costa was celebrated in the short film Come le onde (As the waves) by the young Messinese film director Fabio Schifilliti.

Maria Costa’s name was registered among the Living Human Treasures by UNESCO in 2006.
Maria Costa died in Messina.