Margarita Hemlin, Author, Died at 55

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Margarita Hemlin born in 1960 in Chernihiv, and passed away October 23, 2015.

Margarita Hemlin was a prose writer and journalist.

Margarita graduated from the Literature institute of M.Gorkiy, Moscow, in 1985.

Margarita worked in the cultural department of “Nezavisimaia Gazeta” (The Independent Gazette) – 1991-1992, in the fine arts department of the “Segodnia” (Today) newspaper (1993-1996), as a political editor for “Itoghi” (“Outcome”) magazine, at the TV station “Perv?i kanal” (“Channel 1”).

Hemlin made her debut with prose writings in 2008.

She has a list of publications in the magazine called Znamya.

The most noticeable works, stories “About Berta” and “About Iosif”, novels “Klotsvorg” in 2010, “Ultimate” in the year 2011, “Investigator” in 2012.

Margarita is a laureate of the prestigious Russian awards: “The banner” in the year 2007, “Globus” in 2007, “Big book” from 2008 to 2011, “Russian booker” from 2010, to 2012, “NOS” in 2013.

She was a member of the Jury for the “The Gift of the Magi” award, granted by The O. Henry Prize in New York.

Hemlin passed away at age 55 in October 2015.