Manuel Fernández Mota, Spanish poet, Died at 91

Manuel Fernández Mota was born on August 9, 1924, in Sayalonga, Algeciras and died October 12, 2015.

He was a poet and a Spanish writer.

His family was very poor and they worked the farm to survive, there had been nine children including him.

Manuel had an interest in the classics and felt love for literature and poetry.

Mota could not go to school because of the war, he started high school at 35, but he made the mountains a university.

He was a teacher until his retirement in Algeciras.

Mota was awarded by the Athenians of Algeciras and Malaga, receiving other awards and honors.

He was the Creator and director and receiver of the Poetry prize, for “Bay”.

Some of his poetry pieces includes; Mature hours. Col. “Angaro”. Sevilla, 1975, Calpenses sonnets. Col. “Notebooks Almoraima”. Algeciras, 1981, Guadalmesí moons. Col. “Portus Albus.” Algeciras, 1990, he magazine “Almoraima” Campogibraltareños Studies Institute, at number 12, in its supplement “literary and artistic creation,” reports Leo Rosas. Algeciras, 1994, The torch in flight. Campogibraltareños Studies Institute. Algeciras, 1999, Miranda. Editorial Bay. Algeciras, 2011. and Sunset. Poetic Anthology and infographic. Ediciones Bay. Algeciras, 2014.

Manual highlighted in artistic endeavors such as painting, photography and computer graphics.

His literary work can be downloaded free from the website Bubok. He received his Medal of Palma.

Mota had seven children and thirteen grandchildren, some of whom followed literary and artistic steps.

Mota’s ashes rest beside his wife Isabel Sanchez Melgar, in the famous round Cemetery Sayalonga.

Manuel Fernández Mota passed away at 91 yrs old on October 12, 2015.