Malaysian footballer Chow Chee Keong Died at 69


Chow Chee Keong was born on 26 November 1948 and died on 21 February 2018.

He was a Malaysian football goalkeeper who played in Hong Kong.

Chow Chee Keong’s nickname in Hong Kong was Asian Steel Gate (Chinese: 亞洲鋼門) and Crazy Sword (Chinese: 神經刀).

Keong was a Malaysian Chinese.

Keong represented the Malaysian in under-20 level as a 13 years old during 1963.

Two years later, he joined the Malaysia national football team as a 15 years old. At that point, he was the youngest ever Malaysian international player.

Chow Chee Keong was on the playing staff at Bedford Town FC 1967/68. From 1966 to 1970, Keong was voted by Asian Football Confederation as the best goalkeeper for 5 straight times.

In the year 1968, Keong came to Hong Kong with a Malaysian Chinese selection side and many Hong Kong clubs took notice of him.

After two years he joined Hong Kong Rangers FC for three guest matches.

Following that, Keong joined Jardine for a salary of HK$2,500 per month which was the Hong Kong record at that time.

But after a year, Jardines withdrew from Hong Kong league.

Keong then decide to relocate to South China AA where his career started to take off. During the following three seasons with South China AA, he won many trophies and personal awards.

During 1974, Keong went to Tung Sing. T that point Keong’s salary was HKD 7000 per month plus housing.

During 1977, Keong returned to South China AA.

Then a year later, he started to play in both Hong Kong league and the Malaysian league simultaneously.

In 1979, he left Hong Kong, but returned in 1981.

Keong spent a short time again with South China AA before moving to Hong Kong Rangers FC.

During 1982, he finally returned to Malaysia and played for Malaysia national football team for three years then retired from football.

In his later years, Keong became a golfer after retiring from football.

In the year 1991, he eventually earned a coaching license. Chow first started to teach in Malaysia. During 1995, he relocated to a golf club in Shenzhen, China. During 1997, Chow returned to South China AA as a golfing instructor.

He died at 69 years old.