Luiz Carlos Miele, Brazilian artist and musical producer, Died at 77

Luiz Carlos Miele was born on May 31,1938, in Rio de Janeiro and died on October 14, 2015.

He was a producer, actor, writer, Brazilian artist, musical producers and director of shows.

Luiz started his professional career as an announcer for the radio stations Excelsior, Tupi and Nacional.

In 1959 Luiz moved to the city of Rio de Janeiro, where he met the composer Ronaldo Bôscoli.

Together they formed the duo Miele & Bôscoli, responsible for the direction and production of various shows, and music programs on television stations.

After the death of comedian Manuel de Nobrega in 1976, he then presents The Praça da Alegria on Rede Globo, leaving the air in 1979.

The program included the participation of Ronald Golias.

On television, Luiz worked in the direction and production of the musical programs Gala Evening and Cara & Crown (with Dori Caymmi and Sylvia Telles), the TV Rio.

He was also apart of the following: Two in the balance sheet (jazz and bossa nova), The Apartment (with Cyl Farney and Odete Lara), King River, The 7 Sins (with Fernando Barbosa Lima) and Musical in Bossa 9, on TV Excelsior, O Fino da Bossa, Show in Simonal and Elis Special on TV Record, Hello Dolly, Dick & Betty 17 (with Dick Farney and Betty Faria), Fantastic (musical direction), Elis Especial, Praça da Alegria, Sandra & Miele, A hundred years show, Viva Marilia and Battle of the Stars, as well as music festivals, on Rede Globo, a man – a woman (with Tuca), Cassio Muniz Show (creation of trade) and Program Flávio Cavalcanti (essential musical) on TV Tupi, Miele & Co. and His & Her (with Leila Richers), in Headline TV, Cocktail and Cocktail at SBT, and Little School of Noise on TV Record.

At the end of 2011 Luis preformed in the film The Adventures of Agamemnon, the reporter playing the father of Agamemnon Mendes quarry .

In 2012 Luiz starred in the miniseries The Brado Resounding in the role of “Nicodemo Cabral, Senator.”

He plays the mogul Jack Parker, the novel Generation Brazil, in 2014.

In 2014 Luiz starred in the miniseries The Web, in the role of former Senator Walter Gama.

In August 2014, part of the Famous dance in the program Domingão Faustão.

In 2014, Luiz interprets the stallion neighbor Gustavo Pennaforte, in the episode “She is the Owner of Everything” sitcom betray and Scratching It’s Only Starting, channel Multishow.

Luis Carlos Miele passed away at 77 yrs old.