Lourival de Almeida Filho, Brazilian footballer, Died at 74


Lourival de Almeida Filho died on October 20, 2015.

He was the Barbosinha, former Corinthians goalkeeper between 1967 and 1968.

Lourival de Almeida Filho lived in Tremembe Garden, north of Sao Paulo.

He was also known as the “Black Cat”, he ended his career, and joined the Municipal Public Service which is retiring as tax from City Hall.

The Barbosinhan career at Corinthians was promising, but after a game against Palmeiras, on 19 November 1967, the goal was “burned” at Parque São Jorge.

He was even accused by some of frangueiro and sold by others.

The Palmeiras won the game 2-0, goals from lack of Tupazinho.

Contrary to what people believe in sports, that was not the last game Barbosinha to the Corinthians shirt.

In an Hurricane, Barbosinha even got to be a state champion.

He also went through Piauí football, winning the state title in 1972 by Sociedade Esportiva Tiradentes, where Lourival worked alongside Murilo Sparrow and Cartridge (both former players Flamengo) and Toinho goalkeeper in career start at Tiradentes and then stood in Sao Paulo Futebol Clube.

Lourival de Almeida Filho passed away at age 74 in October 2015, he left his wife and two children behind.