Loh I-Cheng, Taiwanese diplomat, Died at 92


Gene Loh I-Cheng was born in 1924 and died on February 26, 2016.
He was a former diplomat of the Republic of China in Taiwan.
He began working in the Chinese Information Service in New York City, in 1970.
Loh had served there came to an abrupt end in February 1979 during the Carter administration: he was expelled right before Deng Xiaoping’s official visit.
During May 1984, serving as ROC ambassador to Guatemala, I-Cheng went to Belize and met with William Quinto and George Cadle Price to addressed the possibility of establishing relations between the ROC and Belize, but Guatemalan leader Rodolfo Lobos Zamora objected, and after Manuel Esquivel of the Belizean opposition United Democratic Party took power in the election late that year, the plans were put aside.
Loh I-Cheng was appointed the ambassador to South Africa, in 1990.
As of 1996, Loh had been the dean of the diplomatic corps there.
However, Later during that year, Nelson Mandela announced that his government would establish relations with Beijing in 1997; a visit by Foreign Minister John Chiang to meet with Alfred Baphethuxolo Nzo and attempt to salvage the situation produced no results, and so Loh was recalled on 6 December 1996.
Then, Loh had spent four more years as Taipei’s ambassador-at-large before retiring in 2001.
Jane Y. Loh was his wife, with whom he had three children.
Loh I-Cheng passed away at 92 yrs old.