Loalwa Braz, Brazilian singer-songwriter, Died at 63


Loalwa Braz was born on June 3, 1953, in Loalva, and died on January 19, 2017.

She was a Brazilian singer and songwriter.

Braz was better known as providing the lead vocals for the French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma in their worldwide hit “Lambada”.

Braz was fluent in four languages, having recorded songs in her native Portuguese, as well as in Spanish, French, and English.

During the early hours of January 19th, 2017, the police of Rio de Janeiro found her body in a burnt-out car next to a road in Saquarema, 73 kilometers from Rio.

Reports were that according to witnesses, two men had been seen earlier in Loalwa’s home, not far from the place where the vehicle was found.

Loalwa Braz passed away at 63 years old.