Lloyd Hinchberger, Canadian ice hockey player, Died at 84

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Lloyd Thomas Hinchberger, born on October 10, 1930, and died October 3, 2015.

Lloyd Thomas Hinchberger was married to Joan Schmelefske; his children, named Lara and Marty , and his siblings Alban Cleo of North Bay, Lorraine of Trout Creek and Annette the late Ken Brear of Trout Creek.

Lloyd was predeceased by his parents Loretta Hummel and Charles Hinschberger and his brother Stanley Jocelan .

Lloyd Hinchbergerwas a Canadian professional hockey player who played 587 games in the Eastern Hockey League for the Washington Presidents, New Haven Blades, and Nashville Dixie Flyers.

He then later became a coach in a hockey, a career that spanned from 1949 to 1973.

Thomas also retired from a second career with the Ministry of Natural Resources in the North Bay area.

Lloyd Hinchberger played for The Flyers and he was one of the first French-Canadians ever to become prominent in the Nashville

Lloyd Thomas Hinchberger passed away on October, 3, 2015, one week before his 85th birthday.