Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the late Elvis Presley was born on February 1st, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee; she dropped out of junior high and began abusing illegal drugs. Lisa Marie grew up living in her father’s Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee, until the age of four, when her parents separated. Lisa Marie moved with her mother to Los Angeles, California.


Even though her parents were separated, she continued to see both, splitting time between both Los Angeles and Memphis. At 17, Presley was sent to Scientology’s Celebrity Centre rehab facility.


While at this facility, Presley met rock ‘n’ roll musician Danny Keough. Lisa Marie and Keough married on October 3, 1988 at the age of 20. The couple had two children, a daughter named Danielle and a son named Benjamin. While she was building her family, Presley was also forming a music profession.


The couple divorced in 1994 after six years of marriage, she later married the king of pop singer Michael Jackson and divorced a few years later. Presley turned to music for consolation, and released her first album To Whom It May Concern on April 8, 2003.


The album debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 charts and was certified gold in June 2003. Now What, Lisa Marie’s second album, was released on April 5, 2005, and debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 charts.


On January 22, 2006, Lisa Marie married for the fourth time, this time to guitarist, producer and director Michael Lockwood. The couple welcomed fraternal twins Harper and Finley Lockwood on October 7, 2008.


When her father died, Lisa Marie became joint-heir to his estate with her grandfather Vernon Presley and her great-grandmother Minnie Mae Presley. Following the deaths of Vernon in 1979 and Minnie Mae in 1980, Lisa became the sole heir and inherited Graceland.


In 1997, Lisa Marie made a video of “Don’t Cry Daddy” as a duet with her father. This video was presented on August 16, 1997, at the tribute concert that marked the 20th anniversary of Elvis’ death.


The video has Elvis’ original vocal to which new instrumentation and Lisa Marie’s vocals were added; the recording was not for commercial use. The song created a renewed interest in her as a recording artist.


It displayed the huskey timbre in her voice. In December 2004, President Bush signed legislation prohibiting forced psychiatric drugging of schoolchildren and Presley applauded Congress for passing precedent-setting legislation that bans school personnel from forcing parents to drug their children for classroom or behavioural problems.


In 2011, Presley became a patron of the Dream Factory, a charity based in Hainault. Presley was one of the celebrity guests at the Snowball held at the Prince Regent in Chigwell in aid of the Dream Factory.


Actors Ray Winston and Sid Owen, who are both patrons of the charity, and Amanda Redman, were also among guests at the star-studded event, which raised £59,000 towards granting the wishes of terminally ill children and those with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities.


Presley appeared on the cover of Vogue and made the news after establishing ‘Elvis Presley’s Memphis’, a now successful restaurant and nightclub.


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