Lilian Uchtenhagen, Swiss economist and politician, Died at 87


Lilian Uchtenhagen was born on September 7, 1928, and died on September 6, 2016.
She was a Swiss economist and politician.
She was a resident of the Canton of Zürich and the wife of Ambros Uchtenhagen, a Swiss psychiatrist, had served on a Zürich retail chain’s board of directors and served as the President of the Finance Commission in the Federal Assembly of Switzerland’s Lower House.
Lilian received the nomination from the Social Democratic Party to fill one of the seats of in the Swiss Federal Council.
She lost in her bid; the TIME magazine article “Ladies Last” states that she lost her bid because of male reluctance to allow for a woman to serve on the council.
She served in the Federal Assembly from 29 November 1971 to 24 November 1991.
Lilian Uchtenhagen passed away at 87 years old.