Licio Gelli, Italian financier, Died at 96

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Licio Gelli was born on April 21, 1919, and died on December 15, 2015.

He was an Italian financier, chiefly known for his role in the Banco Ambrosiano scandal.

Licio was revealed in 1981 as being the Venerable Master of the clandestine lodge Propaganda Due (P2).

Licio Gelli was born in Pistoia, Tuscany.

During the 1930s, Licio volunteered for the Blackshirts expeditionary forces sent by Mussolini in support of Francisco Franco’s rebellion in the Spanish Civil War, and subsequently became a liaison officer between the Italian government and Nazi Germany, with contacts including Hermann Goring.

Licio participated in the Italian Social Republic with Giorgio Almirante, founder of the neofascist Italian Social Movement (MSI).

A young Giulio Andreotti with Licio Gelli in Frosinone for the opening of the Permaflex mattress factory.

After a sales job with the Italian mattress factory Permaflex, Licio founded his own textile and importing company.

In 1970, during the failed Golpe Borghese, Licio was delegated the role of arresting the Italian President, Giuseppe Saragat.

Licio Gelli passed away at age 44 in December 2015.