Leslie Koo, Taiwanese business executive, Died at 62


Leslie Koo was born in 1954 and died on January 23, 2017.

He was a Taiwanese business executive and billionaire.

Koo served as Chairman of Taiwan Cement Corporation.

Koo was the second son of the prominent businessman and diplomat Koo Chen-fu.

He was a graduate of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Leslie Koo took over the management of Taiwan Cement in 2003 when the company was in debt.

He decided to invest in mainland Chinese cement businesses, which helped to company to double its revenue in 13 years making Taiwan Cement the world’s 12th largest cement company and the 6th biggest in China.

He was credited with saving the business.

Although his net worth was estimated at US$1.2 billion, he reportedly flew economy class and ate at night markets.

He fell down a flight of stairs while attending a wedding banquet at the Regent Taipei Hotel.

Leslie Koo was sent to Mackay Memorial Hospital and then transferred to another hospital, where he died from cerebral haemorrhag.

Leslie Koo passed away at 62 years old.