Les Waas, American advertising executive and jingle writer, Died at 94

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Lester Morton/Les Waas died on April 19, 2016.

He was an American advertising executive and jingle writer.

He was the creator of the instrumental jingle played by Mister Softee trucks is based on “The Whistler and His Dog”, created in 1960.

There is a copy of the sheet music and all the words can be found on the Mister Softee website.

He has created close to 1,000 jingles in his lifetime.

He wrote the Mr. Softee jingle in E-flat major with 6/8 time.

Still, some of the trucks play a version that sounds almost as if it is transposed up a half step, in E major, though still with the 6/8 time.

The trucks are only permitted to play the jingle while moving, in New York City to reduce noise.

Les Waas passed away at 94 yrs old.