Leonid Nikolaev, Russian artist and activist (Voina), Died at 31

Leonid Nikolaev was born in 1984 and died September 22, 2015.

He Russian artist and activist.

He was an Art activist and a member of the provocative Russian street-art group Voina (War).

Leonid was known as ‘Crazy Lenya’.

He became popular after he staged a demonstration outside the Kremlin in which he climbed on top of a Federal Security Service limousine as it was waiting at traffic lights, while wearing a blue bucket on his head.

Leonid allegedly painted a giant phallus on a drawbridge facing the St. Petersburg headquarters of the Federal Security Service (FSB), staging an orgy in Moscow’s Darwin Museum, or interrupting a courtroom proceedings to perform a song called ‘All Cops are Bаstards.

He and the art group was facing criminal charges for these stunts.

The statement Voina demonstrated, has ranged from street protests, pranks, and performances, to vandalism and destruction of public property.

Leonid Nikolaev passed away at 31 yrs old following an accident while cutting timber outside Moscow.