Leland Bardwell, Irish poet, novelist and playwright, Died at 94


Leland Bardwell was born in 1922 and died on June 28, 2016.

She was an Irish poet, novelist and playwright.

Leland was born in India to Irish parents, and then they relocated to Ireland at the age of two.

She was rasied in Leixlip, County Kildare.

Bradwell attented Alexandra School and later at the University of London

She released his fourth collection of poetry, The White Beach, Eilean Ni Chuilleanain stated “it is good to see her work of the decades collected – and it has inspired many Irish poets, male and female, and should be much more widely known”, adding that her work was “witty, full of sharp intimate honesty, full of truth and surprises.”

Reportedly, it was announced that Bardwell’s novel Girl on a Bicycle will be republished by Irish publisher Liberties Press.

Leland’s son is the composer John McLachlan.

Her work includes,The Mad Cyclist [New Writers’ Press, 1970], The Fly and the Bed Bug [Beaver Row Press, 1984], and Dostoevsky’s Grave: Selected Poems [Dedalus, 1991].

Leland Bardwell co-founded the long running literary magazine Cyphers, in 1975.

Leland Bardwell passed waeay at 94 yrs old.