Laura Biagiotti, Italian fashion designer, Died at 73


Laura Biagiotti was born on August 4, 1943, in Rome and died on May 26, 2017, in Rome.

She was an Italian fashion designer.

She studied literature in Rome, expecting to become an archeologist, but started to help out at her parents’ dressmaking business and had her first fashion show in 1972.

Laura’s mother, Delia Biagiotti had designed the uniforms for Alitalia staff in 1964.

She is the daughter of Delia Soldaini Biagiotti, the founder of a fashion atelier.

Founded on Via dei Condotti in Rome is The House of Biagiotti, which is now listed among the largest fashion houses in Italy, with an expansion of products including accessories and watches.

Laura Biagiotti relocated to Beijing for some time and was the first Italian designer to present a collection in China, in April 1988.

Laura Biagiotti passed away at 73 years old.