Kurt Moll, German opera singer, Died at 78


Kurt Moll was born on April 11, 1938, and died on March 5, 2017.

He was a German operatic bass singer.

Moll enjoyed an international career and was widely recorded.

Moll’s voice was notable for its range, a true infra-bass (or oktavist bass, lower than basso profondo), including full, resonant low and very-low notes with relaxed vibrato; also for its unusual combination of extreme range and a purring, contrabassoon-like timbre.

But, Kurt Moll had a powerful voice he never performed Wagner’s parts Hagen, Hans Sachs, nor Wotan.

Moll’s interpretations tended to be restrained and intelligent, even in roles like Osmin in Mozart’s Die Entf├╝hrung aus dem Serail and Baron Ochs in Der Rosenkavalier.

He resided in Cologne with his family.

Kurt Moll passed away at 78 years old.