Kuo Chin-fa, Taiwanese Hokkien pop singer, Died at 72


Kuo Chin-fa was born on March 1, 1944, and died on October 8, 2016.

He was a Taiwanese popular singer.

He started in a singing completion at the age of 15, and two years later, began working on his first album with Yeh Chun-lin (zh).

Chin-fa best-known work, a rerecording of the song “Hot Rice Dumpling,” was released in 1959.

In 1949, after the original was released, the Kuomintang had begun censorship of Taiwanese Hokkien, limiting Taiwanese Hokkien popular music on the airwaves, and banning performances of “Hot Rice Dumpling.”

His popularity rose during the 1960s, and lasted throughout his career, which spanned over 100 albums.

Which Chinese Taipei national baseball team used “Hot Rice Dumpling” as its theme song at the 2006 Asian Games.

During his performance in Fongshan, Kaohsiung on 8 October 2016, Kuo collapsed on stage and was taken to Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital, where he was declared dead.

The following day, the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office announced that Kuo had died of cardiorespiratory failure.

Kuo Chin-fa passed away at 72 years old.