Koos van Ellinckhuijzen, Namibian artist, Died at 74

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Jacobus Johannes “Koos” van Ellinckhuijzen was born on September 20, 1942, in Pretoria and died in 2016.
He was a Namibian visual artist.
Koos was most noted for his work on Namibian and South-West African postage stamps.
Van Ellinckhuijzen was the then administrative capital of the Union of South Africa.
Koos van Ellinckhuijzen pursued a military career but, after eleven years of service, became a game warden with the Department of Nature Conservation and Tourism in South-West Africa.
And without any formal instructions in the arts Koos completed four paintings during that time.
During 1979, Koos became a full-time artist.
Van Ellinckhuijzen was a surrealist exhibiting in both Namibia and the United States.
Van Ellinckhuijzen personal preference were surreal and metaphysical topics as well as three-dimensional astrophysical panoramas that he called “Stereoptic” creations.
Due to his stamps The solar system, Halley’s comet’ and Satellites in orbit are well-known.
His painting Nativity was awarded a first price at a 3D arts exhibition in Rochester, NY in the United States. He is claimed to have been the first artist to manually produce stereo paintings.
And Adelheid Lilienthal, in Art in Namibia, noted the scientific accuracy of his designs, their clean lines and his use of watercolor techniques.
He died in Swakopmund, after suffering a stroke.
Koos van Ellinckhuijzen passed 74 years old.