Kim McGuire, American actress, Died at 60


Kim McGuire was born on December 1, 1955, in New Orleans, Louisiana and died on September 14, 2016.
She was an American actress and author.
Kim was best known for her role of Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in John Waters’ 1990 comedy musical Cry-Baby.
Kim Diane McGuire parents were to attorney Raymond A. McGuire and his wife, the former Mary Toole.
She initially intended to follow in her father’s footsteps, and, after taking undergraduate studies at the University of New Orleans, completed her education at the Loyola University School of Law.
And also, McGuire also became interested in performing from an early age; following her casting in the film Cry-Baby, she stated that “This has been my dream since I was 3. I started off as a dancer and said I wanted to make myself as triple-threat as possible, and do Chekhov and Shakespeare… I just think it’s so magical. I hate to say it, but I’ve always wanted to be a star.”
Kim McGuire passed away at 60 years old.