Khalid Kelly, Irish terrorist, Died at 49

Khalid Kelly, born Terence Edward Kelly was born in 1967 and died in 2016.

He was also known as Abu Osama Al-Irlandi and Taliban Terry.

He was an Irish Muslim convert and at one time the leader of Al-Muhajiroun in Ireland.

He was once a nurse.

Khalid was jailed in Saudi Arabia for making alcohol and transporting a large quantity of Johnnie Walker.

Just like Yvonne Ridley did, Kelly converted to Islam after being imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in 2000.

Kelly has a daughter who lives with her non-Muslim mother as well as two sons, Osama and Muhammed.

During November 2016, kelly was reported to have blown himself up on the orders of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during the Battle of Mosul (2016).

Apparently, he blew himself up.

Khalid Kelly passed away at 49 years old.