Kalidas Shrestha, Nepali artist and academic, Died at 93


Kalidas Shrestha was born on May 23, 1923, and died on March 2, 2016.

He was a Nepali artist, sculptor, and a social activist.

He was the founding chairman of Kamala Memorial Community Service Center.

Kalidas Shrestha also founded Nepal Fine Arts College and was his first campus chief.

In the year 1973, Shrestha was appointed as the First Campus Chief of the Fine Art Campus.

Later, Kalidas also serves as an honorable member of Nepal Academy (then Royal Nepal Academy).

He was often invited to Rana palaces to teach art to the family members of Rana’s.

Kalidas Shrestha started organizing art exhibitions and encouraging and promoting other Nepalese artists, in 1960.

Shrestha also established an art gallery at his home and sold his paintings for 200 to 250 Rupees at that time.

Kalidas Shrestha passed away at 93 yrs old after a struggle with kidney disease that led to pneumonia.