José Luis Cuevas, Mexican artist, Died at 83


José Luis Cuevas was born on February 26, 1934 and died July 3, 2017.

He was a Mexican artist.

Jose was one of the first to challenge the then dominant Mexican muralism movement as a prominent member of the Generación de la Ruptura (Breakaway Generation).

Cuevas was a mostly self-taught artist, whose styles and influences are moored to the darker side of life, often depicting distorted figures and the debasement of humanity.

Cuevas had remained a controversial figure throughout his career, not only for his often shocking images, but also for his opposition to writers and artists who he feels participate in corruption or create only for money.

During 1992, the José Luis Cuevas Museum was opened in the historic center of Mexico City holding most of his work and his personal art collection.

José Luis Cuevas passed away at 83 years old.