José Barluenga, Spanish chemist, Died at 76


José Joaquín Barluenga Mur was born on July 27, 1940, and died on September 7, 2016.

He was a Spanish chemist known for his research in organometallic chemistry.

José Barluenga was a professor of chemistry at Oviedo University until his retirement in 2014.

José Barluenga joined the faculty of University of Oviedo as Professor of Chemistry in 1975 and became Emeritus Professor in 2010 after 35 years of service at the university.

Barluenga has supervised 120 Ph.D. students of whom 18 have hold positions as Professors of Chemistry at different Spanish universities.

José Barluenga’s laboratory has been active in the field of organic chemistry with research interests in synthetic methodology development of transition-metal reagents, stoichiometric and catalytic processes.

José Barluenga discovered the bis(pyridine)iodonium tetrafluoroborate (IPy2BF4), an iodinating reagent now named after him which is available from numerous chemical suppliers worldwide.

His most outstanding of his papers on the use of the reagent is his most cited article, with 223 citations through September 2014 according to Google Scholar.

His other papers of his on this topic have had a many as 170 and 172 citations.

José Barluenga passed away at 76 years old.