John Carson, English actor, Died at 89


John Carson was born on February 28, 1927, and died on November 5, 2016.
He was an English actor known for his appearances in film and television.
He made his film debut in 1947, he carved out a career appearing in low-budget British films such as Seven Keys (1961); Smokescreen (1964); and Master Spy (1964).
Carson’s saturnine looks and sinister voice (sometimes compared with James Mason) led to him starring in a number of horror films including The Night Caller (1965); The Plague of the Zombies (1965); The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970); Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970); and Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1972).
Other than his appearances in horror films he was also known for his many villainous turns in adventure series of the 1960s, such as The Adventures of Robin Hood; The Avengers; The Saint; Adam Adamant Lives!; The Baron; Man in a Suitcase; The Champions and Department S.
Carson’s long and varied list of television credits include Emergency – Ward 10; Ivanhoe; William Tell; Armchair Theatre; Maigret; Out of the Unknown; Emma (as Mr. Knightley); Dixon of Dock Green; Crown Court; The New Avengers; Telford’s Change; Secret Army; The Professionals; Tales of the Unexpected; Hammer House of Horror; Doctor Who (Snakedance); Shaka Zulu and Poirot.
John was also the voice-over performer in Sunsilk TV commercials, including those with the line “The girl with the sun in her hair”.
He died in Cape Town, South Africa.
John Carson passed away at 89 years old.