Joe Dever, British author, Died at 60


Joe Dever was born on February 12, 1956, in Chingford and died on November 29, 2016.

He was a British fantasy author and game designer.

Joe was originally a musician, Dever became the first British winner of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Championship of America in 1982.

Denver first created the fictional world of Magnamund in 1977 as a setting for his Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

In 1984, Denver released the first book of the Lone Wolf series of young-adult gamebooks, and the series has since sold over 11.5 million copies worldwide (as of September 2014).

Joe Dever experienced difficulty with his publishers as the game books market began to contract in 1995, until publication ceased in 1998 before the final four books (numbers 29–32) were released.

As of 2003, but, the series has enjoyed a strong revival of interest particularly in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Poland following the re-release of the gamebook series in these countries.

Since 1996 onwards, he has been involved in the design and production of several successful computer and console games.

Joe Dever also contributed to Lone Wolf: The Roleplaying Game, a Dungeons; Dragons-style role-playing game for Lone Wolf published by Mongoose Publishing (UK) from 2004 to 2013 and Le Grimoire (France) in 2006–2013.

During 2013, Joe Dever wrote the story and in-game text for the Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf video game series specifically designed for tablets and smartphones.

He was educated at Buckhurst Hill County High School.

During 1976, Denver joined the studio-based orchestra of a record company in London known as Pye Records which provided accompaniment to prominent solo singers and artists.

Eighteen months after, the orchestra disbanded and Dever then freelanced for a year before joining Virgin Records as a Recording Engineer based at Manor Studios in Oxfordshire.

During August 2016, he underwent a bile duct surgery which caused important side effects.

During late October, Joe announced his admission to hospital for a series of treatment to correct these complications

Joe Dever passed away at 60 years old.