Joao Verle, Brazilian politician, Died at 75,


Joao Verle was born on November 29, 1939, and died on November 7, 2015.
He was a Brazilian politician and Mayor of Porto Alegre from 2002 to 2004.
Joao was elected alderman of Porto Alegre in 1996, the PT, with 5,989 votes.
In 1999 Joao was chosen to be the President of Banrisul, during the administration of Olivio Dutra in Rio Grande do Sul, for his technical expertise.
In 2000, Joao was chosen as a candidate for deputy mayor of Porto Alegre in plate Tarso Genro at PT. Winners, took office on 1 of January of 2001, the fourth consecutive Party office in charge of the state capital.
In April 2002, Tarso Genro resigned to run for governor of the state, Joao Verle took over as mayor.
Joao would be the last mayor of the PT cycle, handing the post to José Fogaça, the PPS, on January 1 of 2005.
He was nominated as one of the reasons the PT’s defeat in elections in 2004.
Joao Verle passed away at age 75 on November 7, 2015.