Joan Bosch Palau, Spanish film director, Died at 89

Joan Bosch Palau also called Juan Bosch was born on May 31, 1925 in Barcelona, and died on November 17, 2015.

He was a Spanish film director and screenwriter.

Joan Bosch Palau has been a director since 1957.

He worked on marked trails to 1983, A Rolls for Hippolytus.

Joan participated in the script, alone or in collaboration with others, of several movies and many others of their own.

Joan also directed some short films.

His parents were Joan Bosch Palau Dalmau and Maria Estrada.

Jacinto Goday, an architect who shoots his first film, in 1944.

He and producer Joan Bosch offered to collaborate on the project as an assistant director to accept this willingly.

His work lasted over time until when Joan Bosch left in May 1946 to Morocco to film military service had not yet been completed.

The same film would end up being titled The Adventures of Captain Guido (1946).

Joan Bosch Palau passed away at 89 years old.