Jin Yaqin, Chinese actress, Died at 91


Jin Yaqin was born in 1925, in Yimianpo Town of Shangzhi city, Heilongjiang province and died on June 23, 2016.

She was also known by her stage-name Bai Wei (Chinese: 白微; pinyin: Baí Weī), was a Chinese actress.

She won the 25th Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress, 18th Tokyo International Film Festival – Best Actress and 7th Chinese Film Media Award for Best Actress for her role in 2005 film You and Me.

She worked in Home Troupe (祖国剧团) between 1943 to 1945, she appeared in The Thunderstorm and The Sunrise as Si Feng and Chen Bailu respectively, both were Cao Yu’s writings.

During 1949, Yaqin attended North China University and she was transferred to Central Academy of Drama in 1950.

In 1952, following her was assigned to Beijing People’s Art Theatre as an actress.

Throughout her career in Beijing People’s Art Theatre, Yaqin starred in various dramas, such as Zhao Xiaolan, Teahouse, Rickshaw Boy and Dragon Beard Ditch, which were written by Lao She.

She had retired in 1988.

Following the Chinese economic reform, Jin acted in the historical film Du Shiniang, adapted from Feng Menglong’s classical novel Stories to Caution the World.

During 1987, Jin Yaqin played the character Zhao Momo in Dream of the Red Chamber, a historical television series starring Chen Xiaoxu, Deng Jie and Ouyang Fenqiang, based on the novel by the same name by Cao Xueqin.

Jin took part in Idler: Sister Ma (1999) and Chinese Communist Party Member: Sister Ma (2002) as Grandmother Liu, sitcoms directed by Ying Da, the former husband of Song Dandan.

During 2005, she played the role of grandmother in Ma Liwen’s film You and Me, for which she won the Best Actress at the 25th Golden Rooster Awards, Best Actress Award at the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival and Best Actress Award at the 7th Chinese Film Media Awards.

She filmed in Wheat,(2008) a historical film starring Fan Bingbing, Wang Xueqi and Wang Zhiwen.

She was employed as the choreographer of the film The Flowers of War by Zhang Yimou, in 2010.

Yaqin died due to cancer.

Jin Yaqin passed away at 91 yrs old.