Jim Boyd, American singer-songwriter, Died at 60

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Jim Boyd was born in 1956, and died in June 22, 2016.

He was an American singer-songwriter, actor and member of The Jim Boyd Band on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington.

Jim has performed in several groups, including XIT, Greywolf, and Winterhawk.

He sang four songs with lyrics by Sherman Alexie on the soundtrack for the 1998 movie Smoke Signals,and also appeared in Alexie’s The Business of Fancydancing.

He was also a multiple-time nominee and five-time winner of the Native American Music Award.

Jim won “Songwriter of the Year” in 2006 for his song “Them Old Guitars” and “Record of the Year” for his album AlterNATIVES.

Then, he also received three other nominations for the album Them Old Guitars in 2006, three nominations for the album Going to the Stick Games in 2004, and a nomination for “Best Pop/Rock” act in 2003 for Live.

Beforer his death, Jim won for best short form video.

Durint the year 2004, Boyd produced and performed on sessions with singer-songwriter Robert Richmond.

However, Two of the tracks from these sessions were released in 2013 on Richmond’s Before The Night release.

Jim Boyd passed away at 60 yrs old.